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Berlinner Weisse

Moo Brew told us their new Berliner Weisse was the most German beer they’d ever brewed – hoppy, heavy, hate-able. So… we decided to make it even more German, by announcing it would also come with shit techno. Shizen Techno Housen by DJ Moo Braü debuted well outside the ARIA download charts, mostly because it was a techno banger about yeast. The music video featured DJ Moo Braü in a fishnet singlet and amber-lensed sunglasses. It was awful. Awfully German. Needless to say, the beer sold out. A single vinyl copy of Shizen Techno Housen is currently for sale in our online gift store for €1,000,000.

Diemen Awards - Grand Diemen winner, advertising

Diemen Awards - Gold Diemen, wild card category

Moo Brew · Shizen Techno Housen - DJ MÖÖ BRAU