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Berry Cream Sour

Each year Moo Brew creates a limited release beer to celebrate Dark Mofo. This year it was a delicious dessert beer—Berry Cream Sour—a very tart, very fruity, and very pink drop that you could argue was not really in the wheelhouse of Moo Brew enthusiasts (who are, statistically, late-thirties men) in the depths of winter. So the challenge was to convince our audience to leave their beer prejudices at the door and give it a go.

Even though the beer looks different, when you drink it, it will feel right. We executed this with tongue-in-cheek portraits of our Moo drinkers proudly posing with new beer but looking a little different—they had bright red lips. Conceptually we kept it ambiguous as to whether the lips were caused by the Berry Cream Sour, or something else…