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The Faro Experiements

Mona owner David Walsh got bored during lockdown and told us to re-open one of Mona’s restaurants, Faro, so he could eat with humans again. His only instruction was “to make it interesting, or else.” So we came up with the idea of The Faro Experiments, where we’d experiment with a completely new theme for the restaurant every week, and guests wouldn’t know what they were getting until they sat down and signed a legal waiver giving us permission to experiment on them. My favourite Faro Experiment was Bogan Pub Week. It featured things like a liquid chicken parma & chips, a drinks menu that was entirely rum and coke, and a string quartet that only played Cold Chisel. The most instagrammed element of the whole experience was our ‘bogan fortune cookies’, that featured AC/DC song lyrics masquerading as life advice. Good times.