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Launnie vs Lonnie

Every great city needs its own bogan longneck. That’s why, in 2019, Moo Brew created Launnie Longneck Lager – a beer specifically brewed for the mouthholes of the north. The launch was not without controversy. Some believed we had spelt Launnie incorrectly. They argued Launnie should actually be spelt Lonnie. So, in summer 2020, we decided to put it to the vote - a Laun-censis if you will. We launched a social campaign asking people to vote—are you #TeamLaunnie or are you #TeamLonnie? Whichever got the most votes would go on the label.

The campaign included ambient stunts, posters, double-sided coasters, limited edition Launnie and Lonnie cans, celebrity endorsement, newspaper polls, talkback radio arguments, all driving to our social media vote. After seven days of ugly debate we tallied the votes and revealed all on Moo Brew’s social channels – through the medium of burnout. And the winner was… Launnie! 53% to 47%. The result made the front page of The Examiner, and kicked off another round of ugly, partisan recriminations.